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Alternative Program


Cogito Alternative Program

Program Philosophy

Cogito is a knowledge-based program with clearly defined standards of achievement and measurable learning objectives. Cogito is dedicated to helping average students maximize their academic potential. Cogito (k 0 gi t o) is Latin for I reason. The program provides a Classic Liberal Arts Education and is designed for the student who is willing to work to achieve a high level of academic excellence, in a knowledge-based program, and in an atmosphere of structured and sequenced learning. Critical thinking is stressed. Students work in an environment that encourages self discipline.

The unique program characteristics include:

  • Enriched curriculum
  • Sequenced knowledge content
  • Focus on attention and increased concentration
  • Early literacy development through explicit phonics
  • Strong mental and written math skill development
  • Teachers oriented to a classical approach
  • Direct whole group instruction
  • Strong work ethic expected
  • Regular homework required
  • Committed parental support

Program Overview

The Cogito program is offered as an alternative program within Edmonton Public Schools. It was started at Mount Pleasant School in the fall of 1995. The program has grown steadily over the past seventeen years. Currently, the program is provided at Mount Pleasant School (Kindergarten to Grade Six), Allendale School (Grades Seven to Nine) - located just four blocks north of Mount Pleasant School, Richard Secord School (Kindergarten to Grade Six), Meyokumin School (Kindergarten to Grade Six), Pollard Meadows School (Kindergarten to Grade Six), Edith Rogers School (Grade Seven to Nine), Kameyosek School (Kindergarten to Grade Three) and Malcolm Tweddle School (Grade Four available September 2015, Grades Four and Five available September 2016, Grades four to Six available September 2017). These eight schools form the Southside Cogito campus. Stratford School (Kindergarten to Grade Nine) forms the West End Cogito campus. Northmount School offers the Cogito program in Kindergarten to Grade Six.