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School Profile

School History

In the late 1800s, Mount Pleasant Hill was just a bush-covered hill surrounded by flat grassland. It was a good lookout for the Aboriginal people who came along the trail that went right through where the schoolyard is now. From this hill they could see the little settlements of Strathcona on the south side of the North Saskatchewan River and Edmonton on the north side. Around 1900, most of the land in this area was sold to David Martin and it was used for growing crops or raising livestock. In 1912 a four acre park, called Allendale Park, was set aside. (Forty-four years later this was where Mount Pleasant School was built.) Although this land was part of the city, it remained as an agricultural area until 1945 when some of the wheat fields were sold to Veterans returning from World War II.

As this community grew, it was obvious that a new school was needed. Up until this time the children had gone to the old Allendale School, but in the 1940s it became so crowded that there had to be two shifts of classes. In 1954, Mount Pleasant School was built on Allendale Park. Mount Pleasant School received several "modern" features, including a paved patio for clean outside play and a gymnasium, which could be divided into two classrooms. This room later became the library. Mr. Charlie Clement was the first principal and he was particularly delighted with his assignment as he lived directly across the street. During the 1950 and 1960s, the school grew dramatically, with two or three additional classrooms needed each year. In 1960, an additional new wing was added to the original L-shape. In 1967, portables were added to accommodate 700 students from Kindergarten to Grade 8. Throughout the 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s the neighbourhood matured and the student population gradually declined.


School Song:

Reach for the top, top, top.

Don't ever stop, stop, stop.

Live by the golden rule,

At Mount Pleasant School.

We're going to learn, learn, learn.

For others show concern.

This is our special rule,

At Mount Pleasant School.

Every day we learn our daily lessons A B C.

Arithmetic and reading make a better you and me.

And caring for our neighbours,

Is the way we want to be.

Body, mind, and spirit are together,

Don't you see?