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Volunteers are always welcome into the Mount Pleasant School community. Opportunities to volunteer in classrooms are available on a regular basis, especially in Division 1 classes.  Parents are encouraged to bring their areas of expertise into the school to support the students’ research and learning.

All parents who have children attending Mount Pleasant School are automatically a member of both the Mount Pleasant Parent Advisory Association (PAA) and the Mount Pleasant School Council.  You are invited to attend any or all PAA and School Council meeting each month, which are held on the same evening.  As a member you play a very important role in the operation of the school, providing advice and consultation to the principal and staff on matters such as planning, budget, communications, community relations and school programming.

Your involvement, whether volunteering in a classroom, helping out in the library, supervising on a field trip or attending a PAA and School Council meeting, makes a big difference to Mount Pleasant School and the educational opportunities available to your children.

Volunteer forms are included in the package sent home on the first day of school. If you wish to volunteer please complete and return the form or contact the school office.  Thank you.