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Parent Groups

Parent Groups

School Council

A School Council is a group of stakeholders who work together to promote the well-being and effectiveness of the entire school community and, thereby, enhance student learning. A school council facilitates cooperation among all those who have an interest in the programs and policies of the local school. School councils provide advice and consultation to the principal and trustees regarding educational issues. Schools need parents to be part of the team. Research provides evidence that parental involvement has more influence on a child's education than anything else. It is important for parents to be effectively involved in the policies and decisions that affect their children.

The Mount Pleasant School Council is primarily comprised of parents of children enrolled at Mount Pleasant. Other members are the principal, and one or more teacher representatives. Elections for the executive positions are held each fall at the Annual General Meeting.



The Parent Advisory Association is a fund-raising entity. Its main objective is to ensure that funds are raised and dispersed according to government policies, and in accordance with the Cogito program’s needs at Mount Pleasant School. Parents involved in the School Council are also often involved in PAA. Meetings typically occur in the evening of the second Wednesday of each month in the school’s staff room. Meeting dates are decided by members of the School Council and Parent Advisory Association at the start-up meeting in the fall. Notices and information are posted on the bulletin board of the school’s main foyer.